What's All This Then?

Friends and family! Thanks for clicking the link. As some of you may know I am working towards assembling work to submit to a number of galleries around the country for a show centered around public land use and conservation. But before I even apply to the shows I need to select the images, and I would like to pick ones that best resonate with the audience (oh hey, that's you) and not just my favorites. I've been told to limit the number of cat pictures because they "aren't on theme". Once all the finalists have been selected I will go through each image with a fine toothed digital comb to make sure all landscape pimples have been removed and that they harmonize together.

This is where you come in. Each image below is clickable to a full screen size resolution, and is numbered. Click through all 46 images and decide which 20 you like the best. At the bottom of the page is a short form to fill out where you can tell me your name, and which are your picks to send into the Thunderdome.

As a thank-you for your time and input, you can also enter your ABSOLUTE favorite image, and you will be entered into a drawing to win a free 5x7 of that image. Neato. 

Thanks so much for your help!

Wanna a chance to win a free 5x7? Sure you do. Just enter your favorite image number from above.
List your favorite 20 or so images from above.