Artist Bio

As an undergraduate geology student I was always finding myself in the art studio in between my geology, chemistry, and physics labs. I would jam pack my course load with the required science and math courses, but always with some creative outlet class to help me feel more balanced. Questioning me about my chosen science major, my art professor said I was "a scientist with an art problem". 

He was absolutely right. Now with a BS and MS in geology and a job as a Senior Geologist I still need to create art in order to feel like a whole person. My love for photography grew right alongside my education in geology. During geologic field training courses in the remote American desert southwest, Rockies, China, and Caribbean I was always struck by the wild beauty of the landscape and felt the need to document what I saw.

I named my studio using the Linnaean classification system, and Corvid is the family name of Ravens, Blue Jays, and Magpies. All of which are birds that are a bit too crafty for their own good and will 100% break into your husband's zipped up backpack if left unattended for any length of time to eat everything found inside. Seems fitting.

I have been shooting for over 10 years and I now focus primarily on landscape and astro-landscape photography. 


Current and Past Work

  • Our Land: I have spent the better part of a year working on the project, to be fully released Winter/Spring 2019. Each quarter through 2018 new portions of the project are released. Stay updated on where to view the project with the link above. This project focuses on public land use across the United States.
  • Multi-Gun: I have photographed multi-gun events all over the country with my husband who is a police firearms instructor and national 3 gun competitor. I still get out to the local range for matches when the time permits.
  • Portraits: While at home I am open for portrait photography bookings.
  • Competitions et al. : Every year I compete in the Tulsa State Fair professional photography category, give talks related to landscape photography and land use, and submit images for publication.